Circle M Ranch

                      Lefty $2500 Neg. SOLD




Congradulations Christel good luck And HAVE FUN!!! It was a match made in heaven!!!! Lefty, is a awesome, dead broke 4yo dun gelding. Dont let his age fool you this horse is broke. There is no spook, no buck, or rear. He is an amazing trail horse and isnt afraid of anything. He goes through anthing you point him at with out hesitation; Mud, water, over logs, steep hills. He has been to beaver creek numoures time and never put up a fuss. On top of being a great trail horse Lefty has loads of potential to be a 1d barrel horse. He is started on barrels and is loping a nice correct pattern. Once speed it added his pattern he will be a big show 1d barrel horse. HE HAS SPEED! he can go from 0 to 60 in .5 seconds then right back down to a nice, easy, relaxed walk. BROKE BROKE BROKE! Cant say enough good things about him. Dont miss out on him!!!! He is full quarter horse was never registered. For more info or pictures Please email or call. Phone is the best way to reach me 24/7. 440 319 2009

            Mccues Treasured Jet 1500 obo Sold



Jet is a coming 6 year old registered paint horse. He is nice to ride and easy going on the trails, nothing out there bothers him, he just plus along and goes where he is asked. He has a good start on the barrels and poles and is picking them up fast! He has a good long stride on him and moves real pretty. Going to be a nice barrel horse when finished I just dont have the time to finish him as I have 5 others that need attention too. He has a nice set of papers his sire used to run barrels and poles and got the job done in the 1d. His dam was a race horse out of Texas. He has a great start on him and could go any direction. please call or text for fastest responce. Carolyn 440 319 2009 Congrads Kellie good luck!

     Sassy Irish Rebel aka Dixxie 4,000 SOLD

Dixxie is our main all around horse. She enjoys giving lessons, going for trail rides, swimming, and our most resent event we have taken on Cowboy Mounted Shooting. She is not a barrel horse but is a very sweet mare and a pleasure to be around and ride. within the first week of owning her I had three offers to buy her. I'm offering her for sale due to needing a faster shooting horse! GOOD HOME ONLY!

Congratulations Tim ill be watching at the shoots!


                 CM Yeager at D Bar 2,500 OBO Sold


Yeager is a 3 year old colt. I recently bought yeager and just absolutely fell in love with him. He now knows how to bow and lay down on command. Yeager love to climb stairs, he even came in the house with me one day!!! He has a rocking horse lope and the smoothest trot ever, he is learning more and more every day! He is pretty to boot and as sweet as they come. He Does not mind shooting at and love to please everyone!

Congradulations Gale have fun, Cant wait to see you two at the shoots this year!


                    Impressive Mooch 1400 obo Sold

Mooch is a sweet 2 y/o filly and is as pretty as they come! She is built correctly and marked beautifully marked with 2 blue eyes, a bald face, and high socks! she SUPER fast and really athletic. Should be an awesome barrel prospect!

Congratulations Christel and good luck!

                              Classy 2,000 obo SOLD

Classy is a 10y/o grade paint horse mare, I would imagine she was registered at one time and her papers got lost along her journey, she is to stout and correct to be a cross bred horse. She is very eye appealing and stunning with near perfect conformation and a WONDERFUL deposition! She is a great trail horse, she goes where ever you put her with style! She will climb up a flat bed trailer, turn around come back down, back up it and back down it also(Video of this available upon request)! She would be perfect for someone who does extreme cowboy races with a little time, as you can throw a rope all around her and it doesn't bother her(video available)! I also have shot off her with a 45. long colt W/O ear plugs bare back and she didn't do to bad! I will continue to shoot off her until sold, but keep in mind the price with go up! She would make a cowboy mounted shooting horse with no time at all! To top it all off this mare is KID SAFE! I will use her for lessons until sold, so if your looking for a baby sitter or 4h horse DON'T pass up this mare! She would make all your horse buddies jealous! She is very quiet on the ground and does the showmanship patterns great! Classy would do any 4h event with ease! 

                                               CONGRATULATIONS LIZ!

      Callie Blue Hancock $4500 OBO SOLD

Callie is a short stocky quarter horse mare who love to speed shes almost finished in barrels and sure loves to run them shes currently running in the 2d but will be in the 1d in no time flat! Shes a pistol and loves to work! she is handy little mare and loves to work cattle. Callie also enjoys long ride in the woods with her friends! CONGRATULATIONS KARIN!


HMJ Cool Beau "Beau" $5,000Neg. SOLD

 Congratulations JENNA AND GOOD LUCK!!Beau is a very classy palomino gelding, I have owned this horse for a year and have not had one problem with him. Our personalities just did not click. I have run Beau at everything from local 4h, NBHA, and rodeos and he always has me in the money. He is a consistent 1d 2d barrel horse depending on the rider. UTD on shots, shoeing, and worming. this horse does it all. Loads, clips, bathes. Stands tied to the trailer all night long at the 2 day rodeos. I have used him for lessons for my experienced youth lessons and he does great. Beau was used as a roping horse by his previous owner, but I am more focused on barrels. I started Beau on poles and he consistently loping a good pattern finish you way and add some speed. My loss your gain! If interested or any questions feel free to e-mail or call.